Thursday, December 30, 2010

War of the Words - Let the showdown begin.

The term dirty politics has taken a literal turn & the word war has taken on the intensity of a world war.
In front of the parliament house today PML-N and MQM had a show down. The tension had been building up for a few days and the dam obviously broke today.

Daughters, sisters & wives were dragged in, accusations of alcoholism were thrown about & in a heated moment we even heard a Parliamentary leader screaming about sex toys found in PML-N’s top leaders room!

Whoa! Whoever said politics was boring?

In Pakistani politics atleast you have all the elements of a great film.
There is drama, there are plots and sub plots, the agencies are supposedly behind everything & most importantly there are crisp and filmy dialogues. 

The word-war was initiated today by Ch. Nisar. After mentioning Altaf Hussain’s wives statement he hinted towards more dubious things in infamous Bhai's past.

"He was treated for a ‘specific’ disorder from which he hasn’t recovered yet. We could show some parts of the report from the rehabilitation center." Said the Opposition Leader.

Of course, MQM’s devotion for its leader is legendary. The maddened Party workers were unstoppable.

Ask waiters at Marriot who has to be taken back home completely drunk in the evenings.

Why are you getting hair transplants? To get girls?

And even the ultimate insult Bald leaders! Ha! Where else are such gems thrown about in real life?

I don’t blame the politicians. It was obviously the restrain. If they had not held themselves back so much within the parliament, they could have possibly avoided an R rated bulletin.

Seriously though, I don’t understand why people are shaking their heads, tch tching at the way Pakistans politics is digressing.

Shouldn't we be happy? Isn’t it a positive development?

After all, we are paying them a lot of money. They have failed to govern, to legislate, to improve or progress, and now finally they have found something that can be called a success. 

Something they are good at. A Utilization. 

In these times of depression and despair what could be a better purpose than providing entertainment? If we take their words like we take their promises (with a pinch of salt), I swear there cant be anyone better than them at mud slinging and dirt flinging fest.

So bring it on both of you – I anxiously await the proposed debate between MQM and PML-N to materialize. What a great match it will be. If a usually humble & soft spoken Waseem Akhtar can come up with Mr. Bean in a Wig, imagine what the great Bhai himself can do.


The world watching – A former Prime Minister & the only leader to have risen out of the middle class, one on one, foaming at the mouth, steam coming outta ears, yelling profanities & tearing each other down. Who cares what’s civil and what's not?

It is under the belt? All the better, bring it on!  

Have fun you two - dragging families, digging up skeletons, throwing around curses & showing us the real face of our democratic choices.

After all, when the two bare facts about each other in no uncertain terms, maybe the nation would shake itself out of the stupor & see who they have chosen to lead them.

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